Late night poetry vibes with Mary Boo Anderson

Late night poetry vibes with Mary Boo Anderson

This week on Night Water, we’ve got a special treat: a late night poetry reading from my friend Mary Boo Anderson, an artist, writer, and teacher currently based in LA. A few weeks ago I saw Mary Boo doing a virtual Zoom poetry reading for Peach Mag and I thought, we need that energy on Night Water. Consider it manifested!

Find out more about Mary Boo at her website and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

The three poems from tonight’s reading:
“Capitalism in the Form of Me Always Just About to Buy Some Pink Crocs as a Consolation Prize,” published in American Chordata, Issue #10
“In IKEA at the End of the World,” published at Neutral Spaces
“Watching, Waiting, Commiserating,” published at Pom Pom

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